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Celebrated Heroes

We will be decorating the home of a Hero or family for both Christmas AND the 4th of July for FREE! Throughout the year, we enjoy breaking the monotony of daily life with exciting holidays to celebrate special events and loved ones. For many families however, those holidays may be met with mixed emotions. This year, Vibrant Lighting wants to brighten the holidays, one home at a times, by recognizing and celebrating our local heroes.

We are proud to thank these heroes for their dedication, sacrifice and service by decorating their families’ homes. To show our gratitude, we will not only decorate their home for Christmas, but as a special treat, we will also decorate their home for the 4th of July.

Join with Vibrant Lighting, extend your voice, and nominate a local Hero before October 31st, by filling out the Celebrated Heroes nomination form. This is your chance to share with us why this Hero should be recognized and celebrated.

(Winners are awarded based on their location and the impact of their story on the judges)

Nominate Your Hero
Nominee Name:

First Name:

Last Name:
Nominee Phone:
if you do not know the phone, email, or address, please say so in your comments below.
Nominee Email:
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Street Address:



Postal Code/Zip:
Share why you feel this person/family should be chosen.