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Sports Event Lighting

Seattle Sea Hawks Logo In Lighting Design

Highlight Your Favorite Team

Here at Vibrant Lighting, we see decorating a home or business as an art, and as such, we have some amazingly skilled artisans that can work with you to customize an original work of art depicting the hobby, sport, or team of your choice. Whether high school to support your child, collegiate to cheer your alma mater, or professional to rally the troops, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with these handcrafted, one of a kind, sports themed lighting displays. See what sports logos we have already created.

Are you throwing a party for the big game? Consider lighting things up with one of our single event packages. Maybe you have a decorating idea but you’re just not sure how to pull it off. Consult one of our lighting professionals to create a unique one of a kind sporting display. From simple to elaborate, we have an option for every fan.

College Logo In Lighting Design For Outdoor Decor

Get Ready For Game Days

Whether it’s the big game, beginning of the season, or you’re gearing up for rivalry week, show your support on game night with a Vibrant Lighting display. For the die-hard sports fan, choose our permanent lighting option. Tell us which seasons, teams, and colors and we’ll take care of the rest. Throughout the year we’ll change the display colors so all you have to do is get the drinks, just don’t forget the ice!

Lighted College Logos For Game Day Displays

Customized Sporting Displays

While varying in size and color to your specific request, each display is approximately 3.5ft x 3.5ft, perfect to hang or mount on your home or business. However, if you would like a larger display or something more unique, we will be happy to work with you, just let us know which hobby, sport, team, or icon you’re interested in, and let the party begin!

Sports Themed Display Request