Wedding Lighting

Outdoor lighting installations for wedding receptions

A Wedding To Remember

An at-home wedding can be ultra-special with unique lighting that enhances all the natural features of your yard. Trees and bushes come to life with a glow that reflects both the joy and the solemnity of the occasion. With an overhead star-like sprinkling of lights, you have your own atmosphere for a fairy tale gathering of friends and loved ones as they join you to celebrate a new beginning for a special couple. And the good news is that it will all be done to perfection by our professionals, leaving you to the worry-free enjoyment of a once-in-a-lifetime event without the specter of a strenuous morning-after disassembly. Only the memories will remain.

Soft up lighting for outdoor wedding receptions

Landscape Lighting

You'll be amazed when an artful arrangement of lighting designed by Vibrant Lighting experts turns your yard into a fairyland worthy of such a special occasion. A little up-lighting can transform trees into a mesmerizing array of light and shadow that is intriguing, while bushes draped with strings of lights add a special glow to the yard. Each yard is different and our professionals know just how to place lighting to enhance the ambience of your own setting.

Pathway borders lined with outdoor lights for weddings

Pathway Lighting

A walk along a pathway lighted on both sides with a radiant glow is the perfect way to introduce guests to your celebration site. It announces the beginning of an evening where elegantly designed lighting is an integral part of the atmosphere. With Vibrant Lighting expertise creating the effects, any walkway in the location where your event is being held can benefit from the same treatment. And as always, when the event is over, the clearing up and return to normal is a welcome part of the Vibrant Lighting service that assures you all of the enjoyment without any of the work.